Sunday, September 23, 2007

In the garden...

Well, before going on the trip, naturally I had to learn how to handle the new-fangled camera. So one goes in search of things that will pose without too much protest. In my case that tends to be yard stuff.

Here's the front yard from the house... assorted groundcovers, mostly lantana and flax, oleander out by the street, and that big vitex in the middle there.
Here's more of the same, just up close and personal. This one focuses on the lantana. Lantana is a hardy plant that makes lots of little flowers, comes in a range of colors... and tends to attract bujillions of butterflies.

Flax is simply very easy to grow and has lots of tiny blue flowers. It then makes bujillions of tiny seed pods, which of course contain flaxseeds...which are good to eat.

Or to grow more flax.

I suppose we could make linen, too, if we had a mind to do so...and knew how. But pretty blue flowers are sufficient for the time being.

This third shot is more flaxen...

And this last shows off our lovely vitex (chasteberry) tree in all its lavender glory.

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