Sunday, September 30, 2007


So, I can take a picture of a flower. Whoop. What about portraits and stuff? Inside stuff? Not much around I can catch unguarded but every-so-often I'll be able to nab some visages. Still had to figure out the camera, though. Amy, my baby sis, and Paddington, our pooch, had to be tweaked in a photo program a good deal to pull them out of the dark. But I think the smiles were worth it.

Paddington we found at a strip mall. He was hanging out with some people we assumed he lived with...we came back to return something the following week and he was in exactly the same spot, living off of pizza handouts he was getting next door. No one knew where he came from. Reluctantly we offered him the option of coming with us. Unfortunately or fortunately--we're unsure from moment to moment--he became part of the family. Took awhile to name him, but Paddington was perfect...the sweet bear with the yellow he pads around on big soft feet and weighs a ton.

Amy was not found at a strip mall, but came to the family almost as suddenly. She was born when I was 16 and my other sis was 14. Like with Paddington, I reluctantly fed her too and we've been friends since.

Both have fairly strong wills of their own. And can be great fun or frustrating, depending on the situation.

Here's two of a kind, indeed. Paddington is just a canine version of Garfield. Both linked to younger days with an Italian kitchen, both live to eat, both golden, both refuse to let you eat in peace, both characters, both tons of fur....

But I guess I'll keep them all. They do photograph nicely.

And you never know when secret talents will come in handy.

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