Monday, November 5, 2007

Hudson River Side

I walked through the house...I think you could wrap yourself into a tape cassette tour if you wished to go about things with more information and formality, but since I had enough stuff dangling off my neck and had been through the area before, and knew a little about architecture and history and junk anyway, I just mosied about and poked my nose into this room and that, gawked at the art and the various expensive accoutrements of the time, etc. It isn't permitted to take photos inside the house, but there are a few on Lyndhurst's own website.
Eventually I wandered around to the back side of the place, the side facing the Hudson River. Here's the view from the house. I think that may be the Tappan Zee Bridge, but I'm not sure. I crossed into New York somewhere a good deal farther north.
Lots of landscaping, trees and trees...
Living ones and dead ones, vertical ones and horizontal ones.
Down the hill, there were numerous apple trees, and numerous Canadian geese happy to avail themselves of the fruit and bugs. Lovely sight, though at the same time my mind kept flashing on Christmas feast tables set with roast goose with apples shoved in their beaks, etc. Not like I've ever actually seen such things, but that's my sense of humor for you.
Back side of the castle Lyndhurst, from the goose-apple section.
A more realistic sense of the space. You do get a bit of a workout wandering around here.

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