Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tromping Around the Grounds

I took the opportunity to thoroughly explore the grounds of the estate. Here's a path to nowhere, a common feature in Collinwood. I presume they had some storms, since there were fallen trees here and there. Either that or the trees were just sunbathing in the August sunshine.

This is a...verdantly...framed view of the back of Lyndhurst.

There were lots of little things to notice, along with the big mansion. Bumblebees in the thistle...

A spookier angle of the mansion.

Rear fa├žade through the branches.

Actually I don't know if the side facing the river or the side facing the road is the "front" of the place, but as the view greeting the visitor initially faces the road, I'm calling that the front and the riverside the rear....

To one side of the house (left) there is a bronze statue. From this angle the figure seems to be reacting in terror to the place, which under the circumstances [Dark Shadows Fest trip] really amused me!

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