Monday, November 5, 2007

Lyndhurst Up Close and Personal

It was certainly a nice morning to shoot pictures around an estate, and I got a lot of camera-playing in. Here are a set of building details...back at the front/side standard approach, complete with DS Festival attendees.

And here is the typical front angle view, well-known to those having seen the Dark Shadows movies. Though perhaps in a cheerier light.

View of the towers from the front.

Detail of the "gingerbread," the neoGothic stonework.
Directly in front of the porte-cochère.
I think I half-expect a drawbridge!
Upper right angle of the castle-like design.
Looking up at the lamp hanging within the porte-cochère.
Nifty reflections with the glasswork, too.
My own ghostly reflection in the door... Really, I was there. Admittedly I do have a knack for blending into things, no matter what whacky things I wear or do. Just another shadow...

Look up!

And finally, another shot of the tower, from right beneath. Must be quite a great view the other way ' the very least a great spot to tip over a cauldron of boiling tar on the unwelcome.
(and if that isn't funny to you, you need to acquaint yourself with Charles Addams' work...)

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