Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rose Cottage and the Rest

After a few hours of extensive exploration out and about the estate, including checking out the stables (prizewinning restrooms, they say), the feet were starting to complain, and most of the Dark Shadows fans were lined up to catch a return bus back to the hotel. However, the shuttles seemed in even less of a rush to pick us up than they'd been to haul us out here, and the line involved a considerably lengthy wait. The ground was moist and so not exactly inviting to sit on, so there was a lot of moaning here at Collinwood. For lack of much else to do, I'd make extra forays around just in case I might have missed something.

I also took a few shots of the children's playhouse, the Rose Cottage. Very nice little spot for a tea party, indeed, though the secret grove was just as appealing in its own way. To get an interior angle, I could sit for a few minutes. ~Ah~ Others did the same, but in deference to other people trying to get personal shots with their friends and families, one couldn't really stay put too long.

Looking up at the stained glass in the front of Lyndhurst, from the Rose Cottage area ...above the porta-cochere.
Peering out between the columns from within Rose Cottage.
Another deviously framed shot of the fa├žade from the playhouse. Picture of the left side of the building, which has a wrap-around porch.
Exhausted with aiming at rocks and vegetation, I crossed paths with Julie, who stopped to focus on something far scarier than anything else around the estate. Obviously this is not a flattering look for me, but it's too late now. At least I assume it's me. Doesn't look like my image of me at all. Came down with hypothyroidism almost a decade ago but never did anything official about it, so I put on an ungodly amount of weight in a short time, sigh. Actually I've lost a good deal but for some reason I seem to appear even bigger. Very baggy clothes are my norm, though I got that t-shirt I'm wearing back when I was pretty svelte. Maybe I'm just getting shorter. That's all I need. More horror.

Sherlock in the doorway of the porta-cochere, being a wallflower as usual.


A lazy summer's day on the porch. And no one brought lemonade?

I took a few modelling shots for fellow Texan Julie so she'd have some decent pix to play with for her projects, and of course, have a few travel momentos besides. I told her about the mysterious beaver, and just as I told her about it, he scampered across the lawn from the grove where I'd left him, to another grouping of trees closer to the stable area. That was a surprise to see Mr. Beaver in his dark suit making a run for it during the height of the day. Not to mention impressing me with his great timing. So I did have a witness...

Finally the shuttle came, and filled up. So another long wait ensued, but eventually I got a ride back to the Marriott. Noted what I could out the window back, but I was pretty worn out, throbbing tootsies, hungry & thirsty. But pleased with the outing, and curious about what would happen next.

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