Sunday, March 16, 2008

From Beavers to Wolverines

For some reason I was rather tired, despite having had at least an hour's sleep in the past 48 hours. I got into Michigan and stopped at the first reststop and settled back for a snooze, till the misty morning splutted all over my windows. Not much to do here but rest, really...took a couple of pictures of the neighboring field of goldenrod, and called Lorraine, hoping my cell phone was sufficiently in the states not to rack up some horrifying rate (it was outside of wherever it considered 'home'). Just gave her fair warning that I was in the same time zone.

East Michigan on an August morning.

Another close-up of another goldenrod.

Sienna-San taking a nap at the lonely Michigan reststop.

Got going again, seeking gas in earnest. Stopped at some little town and turned off the highway, doing a little exploring. I went much further in than I'd planned, lured in by some free coffee sign--if I had to pay for the gas, why not get coffee thrown in for the same price? I passed a sign for a law firm that amused me: Black, Black and Black. That bounced around in my head...why not "Black, Blacker, Blackest" or maybe "Black(cubed)"? The Old Tucson Studios' "Dewey, Cheatham & Howe" sign kept coming to mind, though I'm sure the Michigan firm was in no way similar...

Finally found the place...cheaper than the immediate competition and free coffee. Ok, but had I known it was so far in, I'd have skipped it. They over-charged me a dime a gallon; I could understand a mistake between the sign and the one pump (lucky me to get the one mis-priced pump), and I did get a refund upon pointing it out...but I was a bit bothered that no one ran out to correct it, either. Undoubtedly how they paid for the free coffee. Mrph.

Properly caffeinated, I went back to the highway and toured the road construction sites of Michigan, stopping at a Meijer's or two along the way, dropping down through Coldwater and over finally to Three Rivers. I don't think I had quite planned it that way...usually I go through Kalamazoo. But my K'zoo pal has passed over the big goldenrod field into the great beyond and I think I got turned around accidentally due to construction anyway. But I knew I was in the right general area so I didn't care which way I got there. It was just a little more involved than the usual path taken, seeing a few more cornfields and farms than the norm. Not that that made any difference, either. ;-)

Called Lorraine to tell her I was around. She'd be busy for awhile, so I took myself to lunch. I'd wanted to try a KFC buffet, and here was one ratchere...they used to offer them at home, but such buffets were ancient history in San Antone. So I had a big plate of chicken and things. Oddly enough though, not really so much; once I got the food I wasn't hungry, darn it. So that food really lasted quite a time. But I enjoyed going and working a puzzle and being amused by the locals. Apparently the KFC was a senior hangout among other things.

After trying to stuff myself stupid, I oozed out and went to the park to walk about (carefully) and visit the critters. There's a petting zoo there, and it is also the local watering hole for fowl beasties.

Quiet quackers.

Canadian goose and lawn ornament.

Playground monitors.

I guess they are there to goose shy children into sliding.

Honk Honk!!

Three Rivers Poleese Geese.

I peered at some of the animals I could see from where I was, and just looked at the water for the most part. Last time I was here I got caught in the rain. Fairly sunny this round. Got a nice angle of the Oriental-style footbridge.

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