Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Louis and the Dinosaurs

I wonder if that's anything like St. George and the dragon?
T. Rex is sneaking around behind the pine needles...
T. Rex's constant foe and companion, Triceratops, looks like he's found some tar pits. Actually the black strips are black plastic that's come up from under the gravel. Seems like Triceratops is compacting the garbage, though.
Tyrannosaurus Rex is looking bright and cheery against the grey morning sky.
Perhaps instead of sparring, he's about to suggest they go out for biscuits and gravy just this once.
I had to run around a bit but eventually the Science Museum opened and I went in to do some quick exploring, preferably the areas I hadn't done too much before on the other side of the complex. The Science Museum extends over the highway to another building, so there's usually quite a bit to explore if you have the time. Even the walkway is worth a few moments to stop and look down at the cars speeding by, and there are radar guns to point at them to see just how fast they are zipping past. So I glanced over the stuff I'd seen numerous times (though I can always make a whole day disappear at a science museum) and played with some of the newer things, and stayed a little while in the medical section.
Even met a nice fellow just hanging around.
There was a lady there too, but she was very transparent. She obviously felt boxed in.
Actually I was pleased and surprised the shots came out. Digital cameras Are neat.
I poked about in other areas, upstairs and down. There was a paleontology section and nearby, a large animatronic dinosaur display. It's one thing to stumble on a few staid dinosaurs in the park; it's another when they move and roar at you inside the building. The exhibit was fun to watch just for people's reactions to it...
I watched the real scientist
working with the fossils, went into the strange pressure-sealed room, gave the gift shop one or two goings-over, and finally pulled myself away. But not before getting a few parting shots of the robot lizards up close and personal.
The pterodactyl kept pretty much to himself, though. No one wants to mess with T. Rex.

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