Monday, October 22, 2007

Coolest "Club House"

Walking away from the main house, there's plenty of landscaping. I stumbled on a feature I'm sure every Collins and every Tarrytown youth would know about. But you never hear about...there's a grove of trees all huddled together for warmth or something. Sad, droopy branches, mysteriously whispering to each other...just aching to be included in a fan's story or an episode.

I'm not up on my tree species, so I'm not sure if these are weepy pines or spruce or lindens or something quite different. Some sort of evergreen, anyway. Is Lyndy looking at lindens at Lyndhurst? LOL...Anyway...

If you continue to the grove and enter it, you find any kid's dream hide-out, the coolest of club houses. The trees form great tangles and enclose the space with their foliage, so it is private with all sorts of places to sit or lean or climb. All you need is some fairy lights and a cooler and you've got a great spot for a party. Especially a Halloween party, if at night!

Let's play! Tarzan or Robin Hood, anyone?

Alternatively, it is obviously a primo spot for a tryst. Quiet, romantic, secluded, a fascinating draw in itself. In fact, over the decades, you can see evidence that I'm hardly the first one to notice this appeal.

Looking closely at the above photo, I noticed many scratches etched into these trunklines over the course of time. Hearts, names, other lovers' and kids' carved grafitti. I found Barnabas' make-out spot, heheheh.

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