Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tuesday is for Turtles

This shop has a living stream display with an assortment of turtles, lake fish, and even a few waterfowl. So I took out my digital camera to see what I could record with the different lighting situations and reflective challenges. Turtles are pretty reasonable when it comes to getting them to pose.
Some of them are even a little egotistical about it.
Pushy at any rate.
But they do know how to hold a pose.
Fish, on the other hand, are quite another matter. They devilishly taunt you with a langorous swim-by, but don't stay put quite long enough to get a clear focus on them. But with some patience and timing, one can get a little artsy on their cases. This one is doing a submarine impression. While this one comes pre-grilled.
Fishing line.
Sometimes an artist has to get right in there with the subject, too. Glub glub...

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