Monday, October 15, 2007

Onondaga observations

Although you walk at a pretty fast pace, it is understandable, being a good long trip tour. "The Mammoth of Missouri."
This large room was "tweaked" a bit, that is, had the floor built up to hold enough water to provide a mirror surface to enhance the big columns in the middle, and also make the room look even bigger than it is.
The ceiling in this area is coated with zillions of small formations.
The central pillars of the reflection room...
Close-up (er, did the earth move?) of the ceiling. Definitely wouldn't want to be under that when it falls. Some of these have fallen. The smaller ones weigh a few hundred pounds. Ow.
Pillar with reflection.
Peanutbutter falls?
This is an Enormous room, and the white is a huge calcite flowstone formation. A massive hill of drips. We're on the other end of this room, and you can see the tour stairs going around it and the riverlet beneath. Pretty impressive, eh?
Muddier formations.
This one looks like it got lost from a coral reef, to me.
You can see the drippy ceiling, too.
Fried eggs, anyone? Actually the tour guide called them something else quite different, but I didn't quite catch the word. They are kind of the equivalent of mineral lilypads.
The flowstone waterfall, close-up (from the big room).
That's a lot of rock.

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