Monday, October 15, 2007

More mucking about in the underworld

I did start getting some better shots, which, of course, merely encouraged me to do more. Here's a cool column, with groupies.
Of course, dark is dark, and some things just came out a bit blurred and spooky. Practice, practice, practice.
In the meantime, I did enjoy the walk and the history. I've always had a love of natural history. My first favorite book was The Golden Book of Natural History. Couldn't get enough of all those pictures of nature-things...and for years my very favorite present (which I often requested and got for birthdays) was just an art pad. My goal was to draw every animal ever created. Unfortunately I never quite achieved that goal, but I did give it a good try throughout my childhood.

A wall full of sparklies...

A mess of drapes.

Another fuzzy room...

And a sharp one to balance things out. Pockets of light and gems in the darkness.

Draping into a column...

Flowstone running down cave walls...

Peering down into Hades...
Dribbly, melty walls of stone...calcite and iron galore.
Drip, drip, drip.
Onondaga is an Iroquois Indian word meaning 'People of the Mountain' or 'Spirit of the Mountain' or 'of the hills'...the people who named the cave around 1910 just liked the name, despite the lack of Iroquois in the area, lol. I suppose
it is apt...essentially a Native American term for 'hillbilly!'

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