Monday, October 22, 2007

Lyndhurst Greenhouse

Of course if you're going to make out, you need a place to instill the right mood. And next to the grove is the Lyndhurst greenhouse.

Great floofy snowballs...(I'm sure Barnabas always said that as an expletive).
Something out of an English garden or an Ed Gorey drawing, take your pick. Gothic revival planter...handy for garden parties and hiding heads.
A trés artsy angle of the greenhouse fountain and surroundings.
Another view of the greenhouse fountain, facing a doorway/gate. A little art deco in a cage.

The greenhouse appeared to be very lavender, from where I stood.

Greenhouse ribs. And veggies.

Accidentally hit the color saturation button and rather liked the result. So here's the suped-up version of the Lyndhurst greenhouse garden!

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