Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Cane

I believe some of the Ladies of Dark Shadows were up next to entertain or answer questions, but I needed a break. On the way to the room I met up with Nancy, heading the same way with Jonathan's cane. Seeing opportunity, I asked to borrow it. After all, she knew where I lived. So like a runner, I had the Stick.
After a few twirls and swaggers and mock beatings,
I did what anyone would do with a stick. Took its portrait. This is Jonathan's wolf's head cane.
It's either lying against his photo album cover
or my any rate a nice textured basic black there.
Yes, I was very amused with the irony
of having this much fun over a stick. You get your kicks where you can.
I'm an artist. I have a thing for sticks.
We all got into it and snapped pictures of each other
with the cane. I know there's a shot of Nancy with it
and I know I took Malia's, but apparently neither
with my camera. Phoo. I did get Kristi... And Kristi got me.


Cherryl said...

My wolf's head walking stick came into my life in 1972, with the help of an umbrella store in the French Quarter of New Orleans, which special ordered-it for me from New York.

In the 1980s, I did an "lady" version of the Barnabas outfit, complete with Inverness coat and of course, the walking stick; my dentist made the fangs. (Alas, at a convention, someone stole the fangs).

In the New Orleans floods of August, 2005, my walking stick "went under" in my drowned house for three weeks, but survived amazingly well. The German silver of the head was eaten into a bit by the toxic waters, and the ebonizing on the shaft got a few striations in it. One of the glass eyes fell out, but Gorilla Glue fixed that.

I hope you enjoy your walking stick as much as I enjoy mine.

Cherryl said...

In 1970, a wolf's head cane like the one in Shadows entered my life after a visit to an umbrella shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

in 1985, Jonathan Frid came to a local weekend convention called DeltaCon, and autographed the cane using a silver ink marker i had at my dealer's table.

There is much more to the story of my cane and the caped coat I found to go with it, to wear to local science fiction conventions, but I will jump ahead to more current events.

Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on August 29, 2005. A levee near my house broke and flooded my neighborhood. I had to swim for my life, and leave many treasures behind under 8 feet of water -- including the cane and the coat. They were under the highly toxic water three weeks.

I finally retrieved them both after three months. The coat -- of brown polyester wool-type fabric -- survived relatively intact. I had it dry cleaned, and it was perfectly fine.

The cane, being made of German silver and real wood, survived, too, although with a few battle scars. The water ate the autograph off the shaft, alas.

I am sure you are having as much fun with your cane as I am still having with mine. Who knows, at the next ArmadilloCon, if I can get time off, I might come by for a day or so.

Grinning Tiger said...

Wow! At least your stick survived, lol. I don't have a wolf's-head cane; I never ran into one (well, an affordable one). This one is Jonathan Frid's; we borrowed it briefly for a few minutes of funning around. I hope to concoct something funny with the cane-pix whenever I get enough time to do some clever digital cropping and figure out flash or some simple animation for it...yeah, I have to decide what cons to do for 2009! Got an invite for Apollocon (June/Houston) so far...and the next Dark Shadows Festival is in New Jersey, August I think...and of course Armadillocon is Austin/August. Decisions, decisions, lol! Doubt if I can manage NJ without a good reason, but if you go to that, maybe you can get wolfie re-autographed!