Sunday, January 6, 2008


When Jonathan Frid was wrapping up his Reader's Theatre performance, another fellow entered the stage behind him. Surprise! Larry Storch dropped by to wish JF well on his anniversary celebration (40th anniversary of Barnabas Collins, in case you didn't realize it).
Jonathan and Larry had worked together in the late '80s in the national tour of Arsenic & Old Lace. Which was fabulous, I'm able to report first-hand, having been lucky enough to live in one of the cities the play toured. Jonathan played the murderous Jonathan Brewster,
and Larry was his side-kick unethical surgeon,
Dr. Einstein.
After a few moments of greeting and acknowledgement, JF turned the stage over to Larry for a moment, as an extra treat for the fans (and probably for Larry, lol!).

Deferring to his own trademark role,
Corporal Agarn launched into an Indian joke.
Bad enough to do any F-Troop aficionado proud,
'twas all in good fun and a happy boon.
Dripping in nostalgia, I headed out to the room after JF & Mr. Storch left the ballroom. I remember not only watching many hours of F-Troop, but visiting the Arizona set. I've met Forest Tucker so it made a nice pairing in my mind, getting to add another Larry Storch sighting to my people collection. hehehh

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