Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cliff Notes

More snap-happy nocturnal experimentation around the wet canyon...
I was trying to get clear and interesting shots, which, standing on a wet and windy cliff in the dark, were something of a challenge to get. But I wandered around, taking a picture here and there for me, clicking one for someone else here, noting where to head next there. Unfortunately it was almost too difficult to get a good shot of the Canadian side of town without anything to steady my aim, but I didn't want for trying.
Looks like a Sheraton and a casino over there... perhaps after a few too many drinks!
Niagara Falls, Ontario, with a bit of the US sticking its tongue out. Pity this one was so blurry, but it was a fabulous view to see in person-- the moon peeping out of the clouds overhead, over the bridge, adding to the light show and mist.
I'd walked further downriver, towards the Rainbow Bridge, which connects the US to Canada here. (Well, so does the river, but the bridge is probably slightly less damp.) It was rather secluded on this side of the park. Fortunately I had my handy-dandy wind-up flashlight (which also happens to have a strobe function and siren) so I wasn't necessarily entirely vulnerable attacker-bait. I found a spot and ate the other half of the supper I bought earlier, listening to the falls and my thoughts smash down among the rocks below, keeping a wary eye out for vampires. Or at least camera-muggers. Blurry bridge shot (I think I'm under a support beam of the Maid of the Mist viewing decks).
Colorful longshot of the river, falls, and both sides of the border, looking upriver (back towards the bend of Horseshoe Falls). See the people along the edge?
The falls spotlit at night without the color filters. Bright and white. A pretty good photo of the Rainbow Bridge and water beneath at night, looking downriver. The Canadian falls tour docks and boats. Another wide shot of the American falls. Couldn't catch the moon again, darn it.
Swimming in color. The rough texture of the turbulence. All this falling water and not a bar of soap to be found.

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