Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Enter: Jonathan Frid

After several trips back-and-forth to the room, I was ready for JF's performance. Ironically I passed him and his entourage frequently, since their room was next to ours, but I didn't bother anyone. Entering the ballroom for the first time, it was an impressive sight, full of people. Nancy passed by and said I could go sit up front in the VIP section. Who was I to argue? I finally made it up front-row center, behind the A-V guys, and felt exceedingly lucky indeed.
Nancy wanted someone to be sure and get JF's entry, so Malia had digirecorder-duty. I should have done the same thing but didn't realize how on my camera until later. Still trying to get used to the settings...we have one at the library that is similar in heft but has quite different features, so I get the two mixed up. Pffft. Anyway I did have a good seat.
Jim Pierson came in to get the ball rolling,
and made the big introduction.
Then to roaring applause, Jonathan came out on stage. And I had quite a hoot myself, since I saw him doing the very thing I'd suggested to him (in a much earlier e-mail)...essentially the "Willy Wonka" entry. Which was also somewhat the inspiration for the little .gif I did for him for his website. For those scratching their heads, Wonka comes out from the chocolate factory, for the first time in decades, walking wobbily, old man-wise with a cane (to the alarm of the children). At some point he pretends to lose the cane and falls forward, but instead of crashing on his face he does a flip and ta-da, to everyone's surprise and delight. Jonathan did a take on this, ending up in a little "Frid Astaire" dance with Barnabas' wolf's-head cane.
As he was in motion and I was agog,
my shot of him dancing wasn't exactly contest-worthy,
but you get the idea.
When things settled a bit, he began his reading performances. Additionally there was a large screen to his side where slide pictures and film clips were shown, etc. A multi-media act.
Jonathan Frid speaks.
And reads.
And emotes.
And pauses dramatically.

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