Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lara Parker and the Collinsport Players

Lara Parker reprised her role as Angelique for the Collinsport Players' skit. It was all great fun, although I have to admit that I don't recall the exact details of the play, with half a year having gone by (I'm pulling this stuff all out of my head as I type) and perhaps with my being semi-mesmerized by the little loop-de-loop thingie-way Lara was wearing her necklace.
But as we say down south,
it was a hoot. (We owls say it too)
Angelique carried around a subtle (?)
bit of self-promotion [book].
Sophia noticed that the whole situation
seemed just a little bit weird... But of course Angie always has ways
of talking people into...whatever.
Witchy ways. Innocent ways.
Not-so-innocent ways.
Rose was bitten, and the rest had to work this all out... Barnabas and Angelique had a different
perspective on things, for some reason.... Finally there was some oddball solution...
And the cast took their bows and delighted applause.
The audience was then immediately hustled out to
make room for the upcoming banquet.
Ah, don'tchaknowit, the entertainment goes by too fast.

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buttawitz said...

I saw her in Kojak and maybe Quincy Colombo she was and is still gorgeous. But in the 70's unbelievably beautiful