Monday, January 7, 2008

Frid Vidbits

I was entertained on many levels, listening to JF and playing with the camera, watching and listening to people and their reactions, etc. Now I couldn't sit down even if I spotted a seat, since it was easier to aim across the room while standing. With my aching feet, I guess it was a form of suffering for your art.
Which I do way too often.
Here's Jonathan gesticulating away.

In fooling around with the settings, I noticed more things. It finally hit me that hey, I could take a frid-clip! So I randomly turned on the recording action on my camera to see what would happen. First Frid-test: (--which is also a new thing to me, uploading a vid-clip online...hope this works!)

JF is trying to answer a question from a fan and gets derailed. I think it had to do with what JF watched on TV. {the News}

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