Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dark Niagara

I took yet another videoclip of the falls, but they turned the lights out on me, at least a bit. So this one is darker than the others...though nothing like it would be with no lights at all! That would be rather scary, hearing all that crashing water and seeing nothing...


Then I just clomped around, framing what appealed to me at the time. Here's blood going over the cliffs...blood red in some areas where the shadows and color were intense, and more of a cotton candy pink everywhere else.
Wine stains, perhaps? Always white vs. red, isn't it?
Across the river and at Ontario, again.
This is an over-all view of the American park area, though a bit greyed-out in the gamma in order to get enough light to see it all. Rather looks like a pencil drawing, doesn't it? I'm up on the Maid of the Mist overlook deck. I assume, anyway. After a few more shots up here, I walked down over to that part of the river.
I wonder how long that point will be there...? (that's a pointed remark)
Soft watercolors...
Gallons of water crashing and mixing the misty colors...
A purple paint palette...
Disco party lights!

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